A Bacon Hock – Part 2

pea soup

Pea Soup made from the boiled hock stock.

600ml Bacon stock
250g Dried green split peas soaked overnight
2 x Shallots (the long, oval, French ones)
2tbs of Olive oil
Salt (only if the Bacon stock is not salty enough) and Pepper

I sweated the chopped shallots in the olive oil, added the soaked peas and stock. Simmered for, here I’m trying to remember, about 30 – 40 minutes until the peas were cooked. I then removed some peas with a slotted spoon and whizzed everything else up with a stick blender before returning the removed intact peas. It tasted great and didn’t require extra salt, just a little black pepper. Before eating a portion for lunch I’ll add one or two chopped Frankfurters, the smokey taste compliments this soup. If I had some left over chopped bacon I’d have used that instead but it was all used up in the Bacon and Mustard Sauce in Puff Pastry dish.