A Bacon Hock

bacon hock

Earlier this week we visited Wareham in Dorset and purchased, amongst other things, a Bacon Hock from Halletts Butchers. We’ve shopped there before and their meat is exceptional, they’re traditional butchers and the meat is from local farms. This Bacon Hock cost the princely sum of £2.29 which is ludicrous for the amount of meat is provided and became last nights dinner.

The bacon hock was first boiled, allowed to cool and then shredded. Next I made a Mustard Sauce using a little of the stock leftover from boiling the hock, added a generous amount of double cream and a tablespoon of whole grain mustard. The sauce was then thickened slightly before mixing in the shredded hock.

Pastry cases were made using Puff Pastry. Just before dinner the pastry cases were warmed in the oven before being filled with the reheated bacon hock in mustard sauce. The filled cases were then served with Peas a la Francaise. Delicious!