Chargrilled Vegetable Pizza

Chargrilled Vegetable Pizza

Chargrilled Vegetable Pizza

Pizza Base Ingredients (makes 2 x 12″ Pizzas)
50g Fine cornmeal (Polenta)
200g Plain flour
1tsp Dried yeast
20ml olive oil
130ml Water
1 x Good pinch of salt

I’m lazy and make the pizza dough in a bread machine which only takes 45 minutes from start to finish. You could of course make it the traditional way with lots of hand kneading.

Get the oven on now because you need it to be really hot – 250C for a fan oven or even higher if you can for a convection oven. It’s also really best if you’ve got a pizza stone which you put in the oven before turning the heat on.

While the dough was being made I used a ridged griddle pan to chargrill finely sliced courgette, red pepper and onion which I’d first mixed with a little olive oil. When the dough was ready each half was stretched out into a rough 12″ diameter disc. Each was spread with two tablespoons of ready made passatta. A few flakes of dried chilli were then sprinkled over and grated mozzarella added. The chargrilled vegetables were then divided between the pizzas, plus a few halved baby tomatoes.

Into the oven once it’s up to temperature and each pizza shouldn’t take more than 5-6 minutes baking on the stone.

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