Step by Step White Loaf

I’ve been asked for more detail of how I make my white loaf so here’s a step by step guide to today’s loaf, which has just come out of the oven, with pictures of each stage. The recipe was posted a couple of days ago. I think the only thing I’ve not covered so far is the oven temperature and timing. 230C for 20 mins under the bowl, then a further 15 minutes with the bowl removed to colour and crisp the crust. It can be removed from the oven after the first 20 minutes, allowed to cool and then frozen as a part-bake. Handy to have if you don’t have time to make from scratch.

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Fusion Noodle Bar, Southampton

Fusion Logo
Sometimes I go with my family, other times I go alone for a quick lunchtime fix of Singapore Noodles or Noodles in Soup Stock. We’re always greeted with a friendly smile, the service is good and the food fantastic. It’s not a special occasion restaurant but a totally reliable neighbourhood restaurant for lunch and when I’m too lazy to cook.

A White Loaf


500g Strong White Flour
300ml Water
2tsp Dried Yeast
1.5tsp Sea Salt

A lovely loaf ……. but not a keeper. The inclusion of some fat in the form of milk powder, butter, oil etc. would help it keep longer but I prefer the ‘clean’ taste of nothing more than flour and salt.



1 Large Red Pepper
1 Large Yellow Pepper
1 Tomato
1/2 Red Onion
1 Clove of Garlic
4tbs Olive Oil
2tbs Red Wine Vinegar
2tsp Sugar
Small Handful of Basil

I love this sweet sour Pepperonata with seafood such as stir fried squid tubes, cold boiled octopus, a piece of steamed cod etc. Tonight I’m eating it with some scallops which will be briefly cooked on a ridged griddle pan. Here’s my Pepperonata recipe.

Finely slice the red onion and sweat in the olive oil while slicing the red and yellow peppers. Add the sliced peppers to the pan and cover, cook over a low heat until the peppers are soft, approximately 20 minutes. Chop the tomato and slice the garlic. Stir the tomato, garlic, red wine vinegar and sugar into the pan and boil uncovered until the liquid thickens and becomes sticky. Turn off the heat, season as required and add half a dozen basil leaves. Eat either warm or at room temperature, adding fresh basil leaves when serving.