Started making Bresaola this evening. 1kg of topside trimmed of all fat and put to cure in a mix of sea salt, torn up bay leaves, crushed fresh garlic, crushed peppercorns, lemon peel, cloves, a few crushed, dried, chilli flakes and sprigs of rosemary. Will post the next stage in 5 days time – the whole process is going to take 5 or 6 weeks before tasting can begin.

alt text

Step 1

11 May – Removed from the cure, rinsed and patted dry before marinading in a bottle of red wine.

alt text

Step 2

17 May – Removed from the red wine marinade and patted dry. Bound with string and ready to hang up in a cool, dry, airy place.

alt text

Step 3

1 June – The air drying process is proceeding well and fine white mould begins to appear which indicates that all is well. Compare with the very first picture to see how much the piece of beef has shrunk.

alt text

Step 4

14 June – Ready to eat! Very finely sliced (almsot paper thin), I don’t think you could do this without a slicing machine. After taking the ‘photo I added some parmesan shavings and sprinkled on a little olive oil. Ate for lunch with a few olives and a chunk of bread.

alt text

Sliced Bresaola

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