Pasta alla Norma

I just love this very simple and quick Sicilian pasta dish. 1 aubergine 3 cloves of garlic 200g fresh tomatoes That’s it ….. apart from a tiny pinch of dried chilli and a sprig of basil. Chop the aubergine into … Continue reading

Pineapple Curry

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! This is one of my top favourites, plus it’s quick and easy to prepare. Peel and dice a nicely ripe pineapple Not a hard green one as you so often see. Choose one … Continue reading


I made this on a day when we had heavy snow and ate it imagining being in a mountain restaurant in the French Alps! It provided more than 4 generous portions. 1kg waxy potatoes, I used Charlottes 1 Reblachon cheese … Continue reading