Cold smoking

Yesterday evening I set out to cold smoke some bread flour, coarse sea salt, cheddar cheese, pecorino cheese and bulbs of garlic.

That I’m cold smoking in a BBQ is irrelevant, the BBQ is not lit. It simply is a good enclosure in which to smoke.

This is the smoke generator filled with sawdust, in this case Hickory sawdust, which when lit very slowly smoulders around the maze until it reaches the middle. This can take up to 12 hours. No heat is generated with the smouldering just smoke.

This is everything now setup, the smoker is alight and the lid will now closed.

The cover is put over the BBQ in order to trap as much smoke as possible inside the BBQ. Now it will left alone until tomorrow morning.

It’s now morning and time to retrieve the smoked goodies!

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