Dieting Updates

I’ve psyched myself up to go on a diet and today is day1. The diet is the 5/2 diet. On 5 days each week I can eat and drink without counting calories just as if I weren’t on a diet. The other 2 non-consecutive days are limited to 600 kcal. I think I can cope with 2 days of misery for 5 of happiness each week! I’m not letting you know my starting weight but I’ll update my cumulative loss from time to time, plus I’ll detail what I ate on some of my 600 kcal days.

Day 1. 24 March 2022 Black coffee during morning. Lunch of Potato & Leek Soup (100g potato, 100g leek, water and veg stock powder) 120 kcals. Dinner Steamed Cod with Pepperonata 319 kcal. Total for day 439 kcal.

Day 4. 27 March Black coffee during morning. Lunch of noodles in miso stock with tenderstem broccoli, beansprouts and 50g quorn pieces – 200 kcal. Dinner Slimming World Cauliflower and Chickpea Dhal 550g – 286 kcal. Total for day 486 kcal.