Moules Mariniere

You may wonder why I have to post a recipe for Moules Mariniere? The problem is that cream is so often is listed as an ingredient and it needs pointing out that it has no part in true Moules Mariniere. That would be Moules a la Normande. For me Moules Mariniere only requires cleaned mussels in the pan with some coarsely chopped onion and chopped parsley. Plus a SPLASH of white wine. A splash is all that’s needed, the mussels themselves give off enough liquid. Bring this all to the boil, give it a good shake and a couple of minutes later when the mussels have opened tuck in. I emphasise the splash of white wine just in case you happen upon Keith Floyd’s recipe from his book French Cooking (circa 1970’s) which requires a whole bottle! If you want to see why that is so wrong just give it a go! I loved the man, you’ve just got to go careful with some of his recipes.

The cheese waiting to follow is Epoisses. If I were stranded on a desert island and only one cheese could somehow be available I’d choose an Epoisses.

The wine is a Muscadet sur Lie which is pretty much the norm to drink with Moules Marinere. However, if I had a bottle of Gros Plant sur Lie that would be my first choice. It’s even drier than a Muscadet. Not quite making the mouth pucker like acid drop sweets when you were a kid but going in that direction!

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